What accessibility features are supported on Periscope?

Last Updated: May 09, 2018 02:26PM PDT

We're always working hard to make Periscope easier to use for everyone, and we support accessibility settings on Periscope for Android and iOS.

Periscope for Android is fully accessible with a variety of features you can enable, including TalkBack, Switch Access, BrailleBack and Voice Access. For people using Periscope for iOS, you can enable larger comments and VoiceOver. Here's a bit more on how each of these features work within Periscope:

Enabling TalkBack in your Android accessibility settings allows for several actions within Periscope, including:

  1. Tapping on any item in the app to hear a spoken description that provides more context on that item
  2. Focusing on an item by single tapping, and double tapping to execute an action related to that item
  3. Using larger buttons on the screen to access features easily while broadcasting or viewing broadcasts
  4. Enabling viewing, fast-forwarding and panning through 360 broadcasts with one finger
Periscope for Android is compatible with any attachable Braille keyboard and your Android device. BrailleBack can be used with TalkBack to edit broadcast titles, searches, and comments using your Braille keyboard.

Voice Access and VoiceOver
Using Voice Access, you can create and view broadcasts using only voice commands in Periscope for Android. For example, you can say “Open Periscope,” “Go live,” “Type <Broadcast Title>,” and “Start Broadcast” to go live without tapping a button. Voice Access can be helpful for people with limited mobility, visual impairment, or anyone who is not in a position to hold a device.

Additionally, our iOS app supports VoiceOver which enables spoken descriptions when you tap on any item in the app. You can turn this on in your iOS device settings under accessibility.

Switch Access
Switch Access is also a great option for users with limited motor abilities to interact with Periscope using a pair of switches instead of the touchscreen.

Larger Comments
For anyone using Periscope for iOS, you can enable a “larger comments” setting under Preferences that makes comment text size larger and easier to read.

If you have any questions or feedback about our accessibility features, please reach out to us at https://periscope.tv/i/contact.

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